What is the best round straw baler machine for you?

functions of round straw baler machine

Animal husbandry is an important part of rural economic development. So, in recent years, the animal husbandry industry has developed in the direction of productivity modernization and standardization. Besides, the development of animal husbandry cannot leave the related equipment. In recent years, the animal husbandry equipment market has been booming. Especially for the round straw baler machine, market competition has become increasingly fierce.


Market Outlook of Straw Baler Equipment

In recent years, the market for traditional agricultural machinery has been cold. This is a well-known fact. But in this case, the hay and silage round baler bucked the trend. And it becomes a new growth point in the agricultural machinery market. Industry experts believe the market prospects for it are promising.

Function of straw baler machine

The straw baler is a special feed processing machine. It directly uses the straw in the field as feed. According to the shape of the bale, straw baler equipment is mainly divided into round straw baler and square straw baler.
The difference between the two is: the round straw baler equipment has one more crushing function. But the square baler does not have it. This means it can harvest standing straw and straw that has fallen on the ground. Thus it can truly achieve no waste and efficient use.


Advantages of round straw baler machine

  • The round balers for hay and silage can adapt to the bundling operations of a variety of crops. And it can harvest alfalfa, wheat straw, rice straw, corn stalks, and natural pastures, and other crops.
  • It can bundle crops in different regions and different seasons.
  • It picks up cleanly. And it works quickly. At the same time, the work cycle is long. And the profit is high.
  • The packing density is high. It is not easy to be scattered. So it is easy to stack. Therefore, it can reduce transportation costs.
  • You can select the cutting length of the crop. This can meet the demands of the farm for the length of feed or straw. This reduces subsequent processing links and labor consumption. Therefore, many users favor it.

The horsepower required to run a round straw baler machine

The horsepower required to run it is tractor traction with 50 horsepower or more. So when our customers use tractors to tow, some use 80-90 horsepower tractors, and some customers use 75 horsepower tractors. The video below is a feedback video from our customers.

Round straw baler machine is your best choice

The terrain has little effect on the round balers for straw. Therefore, small or large planting areas and hilly areas or plain areas can use it. And the equipment has a low price.

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Taizy Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in research and development, manufacturing, sales, and service of agricultural machinery. The company has a high-quality R&D team, strong technical reserves, and a complete production, sales, and after-sales service system. Thus, in the future, we will continue to promote the recycling of straw. To help farmers realize the value of wealth. And become the favorite agricultural machinery of the people.


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What is the best round straw baler machine for you?

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