How to Save the Forage cost in Winter Breeding


Breeding will increase the cost in winter. Most farmers hope to completely eliminate this cost, but this is not a real thing. Although the problem of hay feeding in winter cannot be completely eliminated, there are some ways to reduce costs. This article will share some ways to save on the forage cost.

The First Is to Accurately Estimate Production Costs.

In this way, you can find the most cost-effective way to wrap hay or silage. It is nothing more than these several forms: a.) buy a silage baler and wrapper machine or a baler to pack hay by yourself.

b.) buy hay. Although there are specific formulas to calculate the exact production cost, each farmer will get different results according to his unique situation.


Second Method to Reduce Breeding Costs

If you are raising a large number of livestock, it is more appropriate to invest in a fully automatic baler machine. If you have sufficient forage resources, you can bale the grass or pasture with a silage baler machine. If you can’t use pasture, you can store it for next year and continue to use it. Or you can sell it to other farmers. The service life of the hay baler machine is also longer, and the cost of the machine is still relatively low to allocate to every year.


Another way to reduce forage cost is to reduce the loss and waste of hay. Experts have found that using a round bale feeder when feeding round bales can reduce hay loss. Such a feeder can also maintain the quality of hay by preventing it from being trampled on.

The third Method Is to Reduce Production and Labor Costs

It is important to reduce the production and labor costs of hay feeding in winter. But it is also important to feed dairy cows effectively. This is because if manage hay feeding production of winter properly managed, the weight and energy of the cow will increase. Also, the final weight, the depth of back fat, and the physical condition score will increase. When using inefficient hay feeding methods (such as feeding on the ground), most of the hay will fall apart and trample, thereby reducing the quality of the food.

Other Method to Reduce Breeding Costs

There are several other ways to reduce the forage cost in winter feeding, including tonic and feeding restrictions. However, it is crucial that you can use these methods only after consultation with a ruminant nutritionist or extension staff. Because if handled incorrectly, the harms outweigh the benefits. Finally, effectively bale the hay and using the best hay feeding method will greatly reduce your winter hay feeding costs without harming livestock.

Benefits of the Storage of Feed by the Hay Baler Machine

The design of the hay silage baler machine can reduce the loss of feed nutrition. The full-automatic silage baling machine has the advantages of good feed quality, less fluid loss, no pollution to the environment, and long storage time. The automatic process is realized in the work, and the materials can be processed and packaged at one time, which greatly improves work efficiency. The baled silage has a long storage time and is rich in nutrients, and is suitable for livestock. It can also be stored in the open air, which solves the troublesome step of hoarding before.


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How to Save the Forage cost in Winter Breeding

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