Grass chopper machine buying notes you should know

grass chopper machine

As a farmer, the grass chopper machine has become the right-hand helper for the majority of farmers. So, what aspects should farmers pay attention to when buying a chaff cutter? This article will elaborate on these aspects. First of all, you should see whether its functions can meet daily use needs. Whether the equipped power meets the local power situation. Secondly, you need to look at the strength of the machine manufacturer and avoid buying inferior products. Finally, you should also look at whether the after-sales service is perfect.

 Note 1 Whether the function of the grass chopper machine meets the needs of daily use or not.

What is a grass chopper machine?

A grass chopper machine, also called a grass cutting machine, is a common agricultural and livestock feed processing machinery.

What is the function of the grass chopper machine?

The grass chopper machine can be used to cut various crop stalks such as corn stalks, wheat stalks, and pasture. It is suitable for aquaculture, animal husbandry, agriculture, biogas, and other fields. Our chaff cutter has three gears: short, empty, and long. The two gears of long and short can change the length of production materials to meet different needs. The grass chopper machine is easy to operate, fast at cutting speed, and high in work efficiency. And the cut-out feed is uniform, which is beneficial to improve the palatability of feed and increase the utilization rate of feed, so it becomes a good helper for farmers to cut grass.

What are the power options for the grass chopper machine?

There are many options for the supporting power of the grass machine, such as diesel engine, electric motor, gasoline engine, and so on. If the electricity in your area is insufficient, then you can choose diesel or gasoline engine power. Shown below are grass cutters with different powers. In addition, you can also customize mobile casters, armrests, etc. according to your needs.

Note2 Manufacturer strength

Different models and yields of grass chopper machines are available

At present, there are many types of grass chopper machines on the market, and the prices vary. You can choose according to your needs. If the scale of the farm is small, you can use a small fodder cutter machine. If the scale of the farm is large, you need to buy a medium and large fodder cutter machine. What is the output demand you need? Whether you need a small household fodder cutter machine or a large, medium-to-large fodder cutter machine for farms, you can find the fodder cutter machine that meets your wishes here. According to different output requirements, we provide machines with output ranging from 0.4t/h to 10t/h. For the specific machine you need, you can tell our sales staff about your production needs, and they will recommend the most suitable fodder cutter machine for you according to your production needs.

How to choose a grass chopper machine manufacturer

First of all, you should check the scale of the manufacturer of the grass chopper machine when you buy it. Only manufacturers with production strength can produce high-standard and high-quality grass chopper machines. Furthermore, it depends on the product price. Always believe in “you get what you pay for”. Now, many tiny workshops use inferior materials to produce machines, so you must look at the cost-effectiveness of the product when buying a machine. Finally, watch the working video of the grass chopper machine and the on-site operation video, whether it can meet the standards you need, so that you can buy the grass chopper machine you want.

Feedback video

Because of our excellent quality, low price, and perfect after-sales service system, our grass cutting machines are exported to Nigeria, the Philippines, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Congo, Ethiopia, Namibia, Morocco, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Algeria, Cameroon, etc. country. The following is the feedback video that customers in the Philippines gave us after receiving the machine.

Note3 After-sales service

After purchasing the machine, you must strictly follow the operating specifications to carry out scalping operations during daily use. Carry out maintenance and maintenance after the completion of the guillotine work. Only in this way, the grass chopper machine you buy can be durable. At the same time, after you purchase the machine, we will also provide you with daily maintenance and repair skills.

Precautions for the use of grass chopper machine

  1. The safety protection equipment must be complete when the chaff cutter is operating.
  2. Before starting the machine, check the various parts of the equipment. Pull the knife shaft of the chaff cutter with your hand to see if the rotation is flexible. Whether there are cracks between the cutter heads or not. And whether the fixed parts such as screws are loose or not. If they are loose, correct them in time to eliminate potential safety hazards.
  3. When feeding grass, the operator should stand on the side of the feeding hopper. And it is strictly forbidden to put both hands into the guard of the feeding hopper.
  4. The chaff cutter must work at the specified speed, and overload work is strictly prohibited. No matter what kind of power you use to drive it, overloading will cause great harm to the machine, and there will be other safety hazards.
  5. If you find abnormal noise during work, shut down immediately for an inspection. Cut off the power before inspection, and it is forbidden to troubleshoot while the machine is running.
  6. Before stopping work, you should first pull the displacement handle to the empty position, let the machine idle for about 2 minutes, and then stop the machine after blowing off the dust and weeds in the machine.

The improper operation will not only cause mechanical damage but also may hurt yourself. So be sure to understand the precautions before using them.


The chaff cutter vibrates or is noisy when it is cutting grass.

There are many reasons for this situation, mainly including the large weight difference between the two sets of hammers or the jamming of individual hammers; bearing damage, spindle bending, and deformation. You should check one by one, adjust or replace the faulty part.

The bearing is overheated.

Bearing overheating is normally due to bearing damage; too much lubricating oil, too little lubricating oil, or bad grease added. If the bearing is damaged, it needs to be replaced with a new bearing; and the lubricating oil needs to be added according to the prescribed dosage.

The belt is stuck or makes an abnormal sound.

It is mainly because of loose screws, small gaps between the blades, or hard objects entering the body. Mainly check the cutter’s head, screws, etc. If they are loose, tighten them. Adjust the blade gap. Open the case to see if there is any foreign matter entering, etc.

Stuffed or wrapped around the grass

It is mainly because of the excessive amount of grass-fed. After stopping the machine, manually reverse the large pulley of the main shaft to clear the forage.


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Grass chopper machine buying notes you should know

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