Five Factors Need to Be Focused on a Silage Bundling Machine


Farmers want to maintain a high level of animal production. Also, they want to provide high-quality products to the market through organic feed or forage with lower harmfulness. The use of silage wrap technology is a good choice. This is a process of compressing and processing forage, which can use in drought or winter after being baled and wrapped. Silage bundling machine is a scientific and proven method that can eliminate the scattered in the silage production process.

Let us understand the key technology of silage bundling film

Silage Bundling and Wrapping Technology

The first step is to develop high-quality crops (such as corn stalk, straw, pasture, etc.) and then is silage chopper. These crops are the basis for high-quality silage. Bundling and wrapping is the second step of the process, wrapping the bundled crops in a cylindrical or square shape with the film. Therefore, the bundling should be neat and not bulge, as this will damage the overall structure and cause unnecessary damage problems. 

In this way, you can make a strong and compressed silage bundle. Remember that the denser the feed, the fewer silage bales are needed, thus reducing packaging cost and storage space.


The Best Time to Make Silage

You should harvest crops that have reached maturity. Use the best silage chopper machine such as silage harvester, chaff cutter, grass cutting machine, etc. Which is usually used to efficiently process forage. The crops must be cut and packaged within 1-2 days. It is recommended to use a lawnmower or straw cutter machine when the grass is very wet. Then spread them out and ensure that the moisture evaporates quickly.


Purchasing High-Quality Machine for Silage Baling

As the silage manufacturing process continues, you can use a high-quality silage baling machine to grind the silage into a uniform layer, compress it, and prepare it for wrapping.

Apart from regular inspections during peak operating periods, silage bundling and wrapping machines. Such as mini silage round baler, mini hay baler, straw baler should regularly repair before the start of the season. When you monitoring, cleaning and lubricating, ensuring free movement of parts, so silage bales of uniform size can be produced.


Benefits of Packaging Quality

The wrapping film after bundling is another key part of the silage process. Feed the crushed forages into the silage bundling machine, and carefully wrap them with special packaging film.

When wrapping, please keep the following aspects in mind to ensure that the silage bales maintain the highest freshness until they are opened for use.


After the silage chopper machine produces forage, please wrap it up within 3 hours. That can ensure the dry matter (DM) reduced to a minimum. The loss of high-quality silage will be very low. This is why we recommend the use of silage bundling film machines.

According to the final purpose, storage time, or transportation properties, you can wrap 2-3 layers of film. You can set the actual number of layers according to your needs.


Transport and Stacking

Experts believe that you can make the whole bundling and wrapping process at the final storage location. Unless it is necessary to prevent the upcoming weather conditions or the package needs to move to a remote storage location.

Workers’ careful handling may prevent serious damage to the wrap film during transportation. But the number of packaging layers must be proportional to the length and condition of the terrain (the rougher the terrain, the thicker the packaging).


In addition, in the case of limited storage space, pay attention to how to stack the silage bales. And how to stack square bales can easily take.


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Five Factors Need to Be Focused on a Silage Bundling Machine

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