Big-Size Silage Baler | Large Round Baler Machine

big-size silage baler

Like the small silage round baler, this big-size silage baler can also be used for silage of corn stalks, ryegrass, alfalfa, reeds, peanut seedlings, cotton stalks, etc. Facts have proved that it can handle the same raw materials as the silage special baler.

silage of corn stalks, ryegrass, alfalfa, reeds, peanut seedlings, cotton stalks
silage of corn stalks, ryegrass, alfalfa, reeds, peanut seedlings, cotton stalks

Two layers of film wrap the round bale together at the same time when the large round baler machine works, so the wrapping speed is faster and the effect is better. Let’s see how it works.

Working video of the big size silage baler machine

What are the components of the Newest silage baling machine?

The newest silage baling machine consists of the following units: feeding unit, bundling unit, chassis support unit, film wrapping unit, film cutting unit, control unit, and power unit.

Among them, the power unit uses three-phase electricity to drive the engine as the output power. The worker transports various crushed forage grass to the bundling unit through the feeding unit. The bundling unit uses the rotation of aluminum rollers to compact the forage. And then packs the forage through a high-quality forage film with stretch and airtightness.

Highlights of double wrapping film silage machine

This silage baler machine is equipped with a PLC controller. The above operations can realize a one-key operation. The operation screen can choose button type or touch screen according to your preference.

The PLC control system of the round silage baler machine has higher bundling efficiency and has a certain degree of stability. So the quality of the silage bale is also guaranteed. The control system for the round bale film machine is worthy of application and promotion. It also includes the following technologies: PLC technology, sensor technology, speed regulation technology, touch technology.

large round baler machine
large round baler machine

What is the difference between a big-size silage baler and a small silage round baler?

According to the size of the bale to be baled, the fully automatic baling film machine can be divided into a small silage baler machine and a large silage baler machine. In addition to the size of the bale and the supporting power, the two baling methods are different. Taking the size of the bale as examples, the diameter of the round bale produced by the large round baler machine is 70 cm, and the diameter of the round bale produced by the machine is 55 cm.

large round bale and small round bale
large round bale and small round bale

Why do big-size round balers choose double-wrap film?

We can explain from the principle of the wrapping.

(1) The wrapping frame of the single wrapping film machine does not move, and the support frame for placing the round bale rotates to pull the pasture film for winding. The big-size silage baler is that the round bale rotates on the frame, and the double-wrap frame rotates for winding.

(2) Due to the different quality, the single-wrapped bale support frame needs to bear part of the centrifugal force when rotating. If the bale is too heavy, the bale support shaft will be broken, so the heavy bale needs to use a double bale Membrane system

(3) Due to the different sizes of the bales, the wrapping speed of the pasture film is also a major factor affecting the efficiency of baling.

Double wrapping film silage machine has a faster wrapping speed and higher efficiency.

To produce large amounts of silage bale, hay bale, wheat bale, straw bales in each season, it is necessary to use a professional large round baler machine. To compress forage into bales of uniform size and density, the baling process must be as efficient as possible.

There are 18 power rollers in the baling chamber to ensure safe and reliable bale rotation. And all rollers are made of high-strength steel for optimal durability.

These power rollers are designed with a symmetrical structure and they can maintain excellent high density under various crop conditions.

big-size silage baler

Best wrapping film performance

For the newest silage baling machine, Taizy’s original design makes the tension of the net stable during the bundling process. The net tying device adopts active stretching technology, which can ensure that the tying is stable. Also, the net has a consistent tension throughout the tying cycle. The speed of the net rolling is 90% of the speed of the bundle. And the net stretching action can instead of the braking action. By using this technology, you can bale all kinds of crops in any weather condition. The bale will not expand after leaving the bale chamber and is not fluffy. So its compactness can be maintained.

This net-type strapping system has excellent netting performance, and it can even go over the bale side. Thereby preventing air pockets and further improving the quality of the silage.

Fast bale delivery

The big-size round baler equips a 2.1 meters conveyor belt to ensure that the bale conveying speed and reliability. It can be normal work even when working on uneven or sloping ground.

The improved “dual loading arm” system can provide maximum bale traction, smooth bale rotation, and a good lamination effect. It can ensure that the bales are transported to the film at a much faster speed.

Technical Parameter

Machine Size3000*1800*1950 mm
Machine Weight1100kg
Productivity40-50 bale/hour
bale sizeΦ700*690mm
bale weight200kg


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